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Surgical Services Offered

Our practice offers general surgical procedures including spay/neuter, soft tissue, and oral surgeries.


Presurgical Bloodwork

Presurgical bloodwork is recommended to give us important information on your pet's overall health before administering anesthesia. Looking at things like kidney and liver function can tell us how well your pet may process anesthesia and allow us to make necessary revisions to medications and dosages. Presurgical bloodwork can be done the morning of the procedure, or more in-depth testing can be done just a few days ahead of time.

We also test your pet's blood counts to check their ability to heal properly. If your pet takes any medications or supplements that could thin the blood (vitamin e, flax, fish oil, canine aspirin), we recommend discontinuing them until after the procedure.


Drop off/Pickup/Recovery

Your pet will need to be dropped off at 8am on surgery day and picked up the same day. We believe pets recover better at home in comfortable surroundings with their families.

You will receive written instructions about the recovery period that will be fully explained to you before you take your pet home, as well as any medications that may be recommended or required. You are welcome to call the office with any questions or concerns- we're here to help!

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